May 2021 Newsletter

Council News

Council met on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 7 p.m. via Zoom.

• The parsonage has been rented for a 2 year term beginning April 1. The renter has already had to install a new toilet in the main bathroom as the tank liner came loose so the decision to replace the toilet was made.
We are pretty lucky to have a handy man as a renter. Thank you!

• Rev. Garry MacDowall will be recording a couple more Communion services for us.

• Web page update: the main page has been updated, Pastor Jim Vicker’s message has been deleted and Bishop Jason will do a Transitional Message after the MNO Synod Convention for posting in its place.

• Kelly Hackenschmidt will be asked to do grass-cutting at the church as he did last year.

• Grass cutting at Scandinavia Cemetery – requires a riding lawn mower and trimmer and takes the better part of a day. If anyone is interested or knows of someone who has the equipment and time, please call Cliff Nichols at (204)636-7817.

• The Eternity for Today that is mailed out quarterly does cost the church $227. Council suggests that $10.00 per year be remitted to ELC by individuals receiving the Eternity for Today booklets.

Contact Us:

Erickson Lutheran Church Facebook Page

Student Pastor - Heather Parrott-Howdle 204-294-9212
Council Chair - Dolores Hall 204-636-2415
Administrative Assistant - Sylvia Linda Kaktins 204-636-2259

• We are very glad that Cliff is back on council to take the lead in a few projects:

- Calling an electrician to check the transformer on the cross light.

- Following up about the back door replacement.

- Checking the battery on the elevator emergency light.

- While the electrician is here, get them to fix the microphone plug at the front of the church.

- While the electrician is here, check out a cost-effective, up-dated sanctuary lighting option.

- Repairing the holes in the vinyl siding.

- The need to paint the inside of the church was discussed including sanctuary, narthex, boardroom and Admin office. Color would remain the same – creamy off-white with sanctuary wainscotting remaining in natural wood. Cathy will contact professional painters with scaffolding and equipment for a quote.