September 2020 Council Report

Council Report

Council has decided to commence services in-person on October 4th following a fall cleaning work party on September 26th and preparation of church following COVID-19 guidelines: signage & supplies for screening for symptoms, hand hygiene, sign-in registration, 2 meter physical distancing, no singing, no communal responses.  Decision that Masks will be required to protect all attending because 95 percent of congregation are over the age of 60 years and are at higher risk of experiencing severe illness.

➢ The Services to Seniors Exercise group has requested use of the church facility for exercise classes with reduced numbers in order to maintain physical distancing and abide by COVID-19 Public Health guidelines. The request would be granted if day could be moved to midweek to allow for cleaning of the facility after 48 hours when virus loses viability. Services to Senior would clean after using facility.

➢ We wish Barry & Anne Paulsen God’s blessings of health and happiness as they prepare to move to Winnipeg.

➢ Anyone wishing to subscribe to the Canada Lutheran please contact Sharon Nylen at or (204)636-2979.

➢ Please come out on Saturday, September 26th at 9:00 a.m. to help us clean the church – Spring Cleaning 6 months late…

➢ Alana Levandoski will do a video service from her home for next Sunday, September 27th service. Link will be put on Facebook and ELC Website.

Submitted by Benita Nylen

Call Process

• The Call Committee contacted Bishop Jason about widening the search for a pastor to outside of Canada since a local Call has not been successful despite best efforts. We should keep in mind that COVID-19 border closures could present challenges as it has for the Assistant to the Bishop, Michelle Collins.

• Donations to the New Pastor Fund are $26,000 and have been invested in GIC’s.

• Decision made that we can only afford a half-time pastor. This will be communicated to Bishop Jason so he may put the Call out again.

• Bishop Jason asked Heather Howdle to consider becoming a Pastor for this congregation via the Alternate Route to Ordination. After thoughtful prayer Heather has decided to pursue the calling with support from several members of Council and the Call Committee. Council has sent the Congregation Council Recommendation to the MNO Synod Office in support of Heather’s desire to prepare for rostered ministry. This may take some time at Seminary and supervised internship here and at Brandon Regional Health Centre. On completion, Heather will be able to serve Communion and preside over baptisms, funerals and weddings.