March 2019 Newsletter


Service Circle for March is Joint Circles.

Worship begins at 11:00am

Pastor- Jim Vickers 848-0237
Deacon- Hilde Vickers 636-2144
Administrative Assistant- Sylvia Linda Kaktins 636-2259

Every week you can be part of helping feed many hungry people in body and spirit by bringing non- perishable food for the Southquill and Area Food Bank. There are boxes and baskets by the pew in the Narthex.

In Reach/Out Reach Committee

If you know of someone who would like a visit please contact Viola Burkett, Dolores Hall, Mary Nichols, or Heather Howdle.

Council News

The Annual Meeting of Congregation was held Sunday Feb 3rd with 22 voting members and 2 non- voting members present. Cliff Nichols and Kaye Tiller are stepping down as council members. Thankyou for years of service.

New council members elected are Heather Howdle and Raymond Rossnagel. Thanks for joining Council.

The 2019 Council Members are: Cathy Hackenschmidt, Dolores Hall, Heather Howdle, Benita Nylen, Sharon Nylen, Raymond Rossnagel and LaVerne Uhl.

Letters were received from Pastor Jim and Deacon Hilde Vickers regarding their retirement June 20th, 2019. Next Annual Meeting will be Sunday March 1st, 2020.

Balance owing towards new Piano is now NIL.

Sunday Feb 17th Bishop Jason Zinko did the Sermon and presided over communion. Following the Service a lunch was provided by Council Members.

Submitted by Cathy Hackenschmidt

ELW News

Service Circle - Joint Circles

Circles meet Thursday 14 March 7 PM at Dolores’s. Please read Romans 3.

World Day of Prayer Friday 1 March 11 AM at Erickson Lutheran Church

Tuesday 5 March 5-6:30 Pancake supper at ELC.

Inter Faith Lenten Prayer and Soup:
12 PM Thursday 14th March at St Judes
12 PM Thursday 21st March at ELC
12 PM Thursday 28th March at St Judes

Submitted by Dolores Hall

Bishop Jason Zinco

Bishop Jason Zinco visited ELC on Sunday, February 17. Heather led worship and Bishop Jason gave the message and served Communion. Bishop Jason's message, Luke 6:17-26, resonated we are all blessed; the word "blessed" means we are satisfied knowing Jesus gives us what we need.

Meet and Greet Bishop Jason was enjoyed as we dined together. It was good to get to know Bishop Jason and hear him share his story. He also spoke about the Synod responsibilities and thanked us for the benevolence gifts we give to the MNO.

Bishop Jason spoke about grants available for congregations from the Synod. (This information is on the MNO website.). In the afternoon the Church Council met with Bishop Jason.

Do you love camp? We WANT You!

Summer positions available for 2, 4, and 6 months starting at $420.00 per week plus room and board. Positions are full time. For all positions, please go to for an application form. Send all cover letters, resumes, and applications to Please contact 204-783-3337 or with any questions.

Application deadline is February 28, 2019

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests in addition to those in our bulletins: Please pray for Pastor Leslie Poulin, who has been diagnosed with cancer and is awaiting treatment, and for Pastor Donna Smalley who will be having major surgery, an Esophagectomy, on February 26, at Health Sciences Centre, Wpg.

Pastor’s Perspective

We’re coming to that time of the year when season’s change. The cold snowy weather gives way to longer days and melting snow. Even though the winter has been long summer is coming. Our lives also go through changes. There are changes in jobs, changes in maturity and insight, changes in relationships with families and friends, changes in our bodies, and changes in our perception of the creation and our place in it. During this season we have an opportunity to evaluate the changes in our lives. Are the changes signs of growth and not just aging? How do we face the changes life presents us with? Major changes in our lives may also bring with them a sense of loss and grieving, but like the spring they also bring with it a sense of new beginnings and joy in new possibilities. The transition from one to the other is not always clear cut or smooth. There may be some back and forth as we go through the process of letting go the past, and assess what is useful to us from our past for our future.

Key to facing such changes is to deal with the inevitable regrets with a sense of forgiveness. That is to find forgiveness for others for things they may have done or said that have caused unwelcome change in our lives. We can seek forgiveness from others for things we may have done or said that have caused unwelcome changes to them. We also need to forgive ourselves for things we may have done that have brought about unwelcome changes in our lives.

Many of the unwelcome changes in our lives are due to factors beyond our control, however. Bad weather may bring unwelcome change to our budgets, or other plans. Bad health may throw a monkey wrench into plans we may have made for the rest of our lives. There are many other factors which may change the course of our lives, and how we deal with them is important. If there is change that totally throws our lives upside down and we don’t know what to do, that is the time to reach out to others. Even though they can’t turn things back to the way they were, sometimes just having them listen helps us to work out what alternatives we have. Perhaps they have an insight we haven’t thought of.

I remember at one of the jobs I had, there was an employee who was frequently late and sometimes didn’t come in on shift at all due to an addiction he had. He was fired and his grievance for reinstatement was denied. However during the process I suggested that he enroll in a program with the addictions foundation to persuade his employer that he was really interested in turning his life around. He was still fired but I subsequently learned that he had become an addictions counsellor. There is a case of taking lemons and making lemonade.

We do not always see all of the potentially good things God is offering to us. Sometimes it takes someone else to point it out to us. Sometimes we only listen when our back is to the wall. But know this. God loves each person, forgives us and wants the best for everyone including you. In Mark 4:1-20 we read the parable of the sower in which Jesus describes four different ways of responding to God’s Word. God speaks to us in the circumstances of our lives. And we respond in different ways. Let us respond in the way that leads to much growth.

Submitted by Pastor Jim

Worship and Music

Lent is a forty-day journey to Easter. The hymn of the month for March is taken from the Lent section, hymns 319 - 343, in ELW. Lamb of God, Your Only Son number 336, is a contemporary hymn.

Twila Paris is a Christian music singer, songwriter, author, and pianist. Since 1980, she has released 22 albums, a massed 33 number one Christian Radio singles, and was named the Gospel Music Association Female Vocalist of the year three years in a row.

This hymn can be googled on YouTube.

New Hymn for February

ELW #726: Light Dawns on a Weary World

The writer for this hymn is Mary Louise Bringle, b 31 July 1953. Mary grew up in a family active in the Presbyterian Church. She is an award winning hymn writer whose original texts and translations appear in the hymnals of numerous denominations in North America and Scotland. Mary, a teacher at heart and a theologian, she turned her hand to hymn writing at the turn of the millennium. Since 2000, she has won a number of hymn writing competitions. In our ELW , Mary has two other hymns, “When Memory Fades” and “Calm to the Waves”.

The music for “ Light Dawns on a Weary World” was written by William P Rowan.
He was born November 30, 1951, in San Diego. Rowan is the composer of many published hymn tunes.