June 2019 Newsletter


Service Circle for June is Naomi.

Worship begins at 10:00am

Pastor - Jim Vickers 848-0237
Deacon - Hilde Vickers 636-2144
Administrative Assistant - Sylvia Linda Kaktins 636-2259

Every week you can be part of helping feed many hungry people in body and spirit by bringing non- perishable food for the Southquill and Area Food Bank. There are boxes and baskets by the pew in the Narthex.

In Reach/Out Reach Committee

If you know of someone who would like a visit please contact Viola Burkett, Dolores Hall, Mary Nichols, or Heather Howdle.

Retirement Celebration & Thank You

Sunday, June 30, 2019, a retirement blessing service for Pastor Jim Vickers and Deacon Hilde Vickers will take place at 10:00am with communion, followed by a potluck lunch!

Please bring: Your good wishes!

RSVP to Heather Howdle: hhowdle84@gmail.com

ELW News

Service Circle - Naomi

Circle Meetings Thursday June13
1:30 pm Rebecca at Mary's
7:30 pm Naomi at Sharon's

Wednesday, June 19 at 7:00pm is the General ELW meeting at the church.

Submitted by Dolores Hall

Hymn of the month for June 2019

#457: "Waterlife"
Text and music written by Handt Hanson (b. 1950)

This contemporary hymn is in the Holy Baptism section of the ELW. Composer, Handt Hanson, has written many hymns printed by Prince of Peace Publishing, Changing Church, Inc.

This hymn has a different beat with the verse written in 7/8 time and the refrain written in 4/4 time. It's a little usual but has a catchy tune with meaningful words.

Submitted By Worship and Music

Dedication of the Piano

The dedication of our new piano took place on Mother's Day, 2019.


Thank you Val for providing the table and beautiful fabric to cover the table. The table is beside the piano and will keep the music books, used for service, organized.

Pop Quiz!

1. After Joseph died and was forgotten, what happened in Egypt (Exodus 1:8-11)?
a. there was a plague
b. all of Israel became slaves
c. there was another famine

2. In Exodus 1:15-17, these two heroic midwives refused to kill Israelite baby boys:
a. Hebora ∓ Shantor
b. Shiphrah & Puah
c. Deborah & Rahab

3. After finding a baby in the Nile, Pharaoh’s daughter named him Moses in Exodus 2:10, and his name means:
a. drawn out of water
b. sent by the Israelites
c. son of a slave

4. Moses had to flee to Midian as a young man because (Exodus 2:11-12):
a. he committed a murder
b. he committed a robbery
c. he lied to Pharaoh

5. Moses met his wife in Midian, and her name was (Exodus 2:21):
a Zypher
b. Reuel
c. Zipporah
d. Isaac

6. Moses saw the burning bush while tending flock here (Exodus 3:1):
a. Mount Tishmere
b. Mount Horeb
c. Mount Ararat
d. Mount Hermon