March 2018 Newsletter


Service Circle for March is Rebecca with Naomi helping.

Worship begins at 11:00am

Pastor's Perspective

The weather in Israel this time of the year ranges from 7C to 16C or 10C to 21CF depending on whether you are in the hill country of Jerusalem, or around the Sea of Galilee near Nazareth. A far cry from the weather here, but cold enough if you are not dressed for it. These are the condition that Jesus and his disciples lived in as they travelled through Palestine spreading the Good News of God’s forgiveness. If you lived in a house there could be a fireplace to keep you warm but at night when the fire went out it would be cool. The homeless, the orphans, the widows and other street people had to bundle themselves up to deal with this.

That is why Jesus says in Matthew “If any one wants to sue you and take your coat, give them your cloak as well.” He is speaking to people who own only the clothes on their back. If someone took your coat as a surety for a loan, they were required to give it back so you had something to sleep in at night. But Jesus is telling his followers to embarrass the person who takes your coat, by giving the only other part of your clothes other than your tunic which you would wear next to your skin. This certainly is a desperate measure, but it might just work to get the person to forgive the debt you owe.

These are the people Jesus is ministering to. These are the people who are following Jesus because he gives them hope. These people are following Jesus because he teaches them that there are alternatives to their situation. He is teaching them that they can band together to share resources and help one another. There was an experiment done in New York City where an actor pretended that he was homeless and was on the street and didn’t have enough to eat or to wear. Hundreds of people passed by him and did not pay any attention. Then along came someone who was in as bad a situation as he was. This person stopped and shared what he had.

In Canada there are many thousands of people of all races in the cities and on the reserves who live in bad conditions. We see the consequences of such poverty and powerlessness from the kinds of crimes that are committed and the numbers of people in jail. Public policy is not addressing this question adequately. The church is facing reduced resources to directly help in these situations. However, as followers of Jesus we can motivate those who have the resources to deal with these situations.

In 1 John 3:17&18 it is written “How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and see a brother or sister in need and yet refuses to help? Little children, let us love not in word or speech, but in truth or action.” This is the Good News that we have to proclaim that God loves us and forgives us so we can love and forgive each other. We can do this as Manitobans, as Canadians and as citizens of the world. God calls us to be Good News for others. Out of the wealth we have we can provide for many. Thanks be to God

Submitted by Pastor Jim

Please check the list on the bulletin board in the Narthex that indicates the needs for the Learning and Living Kits/ Teachers Kit.

Every week you can be part of helping feed many hungry people in body and spirit by bringing non- perishable food for the Southquil and Area Food Bank. There are boxes and baskets by the pew in the Narthex.

In Reach/Out Reach Committee

If you know of someone who would like a visit please contact Viola Burkett, Dolores Hall, Mary Nichols, or Heather Howdle.

ELW News

Service circle for February is Rebecca with Naomi helping.

Thursday 8 March at 7 pm is joint Bible Study at Dolores.

Thanks to all who worked at the Pancake supper and who attended. Sixty meals were served.

Remember to attend the Lenten Prayer and soup lunches at 12 pm as shown on the calendar.

Friday 23 March is the last Red and White cafe for the season.

Please bring flowers to the church be 9 am Saturday 31 March for the Easter garden.

Submitted by Dolores Hall

Council News

The dates chosen for the 50th anniversary of the congregation are Saturday August 18 and Sunday August 19th.

The Worship and Music Committee will be looking into the purchase of a replacement piano for the sanctuary.

A nomination was made for Heather Howdle to attend the Lutheran World Federation lay leaders seminar at Wittenberg, Germany and at Geneva Switzerland in August 2018.

Inter Church News

Lenten prayer and soup at 12 pm as follows
Thursday 22 February Lutheran Church
Thursday 1 March St. Judes
Thursday 8 March Lutheran Church
Thursday 15 March St. Judes
Thursday 22 March Lutheran Church