September 2017 Newsletter


Service Circle for September is Rebecca.

Worship begins at 10:00am

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August 13 was Service in the Park. Thanks to all who made this outreach possible.

Church Service at Riding Mountain National Park

Church Service at RMNP   Church Service at Wasagaming

Church Service at Clear Lake

23rd September 9 am Fall cleaning at Church. Many Hands Make Light Work

Choir Resumes Tuesday, September 19
If you have any suggestions for choir selections, please give Viola or Val your input.

The time 6:30-8:00 worked well last year. We invite everyone who loves to sing to come and join us

ELW News

Service Circle is Rebecca

Circle Meetings:
Wednesday 13 September 1:30am Rebecca @ Ausma’s
Thursday 14 September 7:30pm Naomi @ Alice’s

General meeting Wednesday 20 September 7pm @ ELC

Saturday 30 September Westman Women gathering @ ELC
9am Registration and coffee
Singing, Bible study, Lunch, Guest Speaker from LAMP (Lutheran Association Missionary Pilots)
3am closing devotions with offering
Cost for day $10.00
All Women Welcome

Submitted by Dolores Hall

Pastor's Perspective

There have been a lot of terrorist events around the world in the past while. These kinds of things sometimes come out of vengence for wrongs committed. Sometimes they come from people who cannot find any legitimate way to bring to pass their vision of the world. So they want to destroy the world as it is and replace it with their own.

Christians also want a better world. We pray “thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” This kingdom, this rule of God begins with the acknowledgement of the Creator “our Father in heaven.” The Creator of all that is and is not yet has laid down some rules by which we all operate. We know about the law of gravity that Isaac Newton described, and the three laws of thermodynamics, and many other natural laws. There are rules of human society that exist because as human beings we have found that these are the best ways we can survive and thrive. Laws like the ten commandments and its many counterparts in non Judaeo-Christian societies. Jesus also proclaimed some laws like “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” This also has its counterpart in other religious cultures. In addition Jesus left us with the commandments to love one another, love your enemies and so on.

However we find that like everyone else we cannot keep these commandments as they need to be kept. That is where forgiveness comes in. “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” This is the world we aspire to. A world of love, respect, acceptance, kindness and love. Terrorists do not want this kind of world. Whether they are islamic fundamentalists, or white or other racially centred supremacists, or communist dictators, they want everyone to obey them and make them the rulers of this world. We refuse to be dominated by those who stand for injustice and oppression. We will resist. However the way of resistance is not one using the tools of the oppressor, but the tools of law, of love and of forgiveness.

Join hands then with the oppressed, the war torn, the abused, the powerless and become part of that kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed. But remember what He and John the Baptist said “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” The next step in building the kingdom is admitting that we also have some repenting to do. Such seeking of forgiveness is part of the Lord’s Prayer. As we begin a new year of school let us teach our children the Lord’s prayer at home so they will remember God’s kingdom and how we get there. For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever ...Amen

Submitted by Pastor Jim

In Reach/Out Reach Committee

If you know of someone who would like a visit please contact Viola Burkett, Dolores Hall, Mary Nichols, or Heather Howdle.

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church

Armour of God -
Vacation Bible School 2017

The Armour of God is so needed. From Charlottesville to cyber bullying to false news to every day temptations, we need protection. Our Vacation Bible School looked at the Armor of God and its parts. We explored how sin is like a blizzard, and just as we need warm winter clothing, boots, hats, mitts, scarves, etc. to keep us from freezing, so we need spiritual armor for our minds and hearts, to keep us from getting hurt or caught in evil ways. We studied Ephesians 6:10-18, and related Biblical passages. We discovered that Truth is like a belt that holds everything else up. And the most important truth is that we are beloved children of God. So we heard the story of Jesus welcoming children. Not only that, but truth sets us free – free to do good and be good. That’s the Righteousness we put on like a breastplate, that protects our hearts. Then we put on Peace boots - the readiness to spread God’s peace. And we heard about Jesus stilling the stormy sea. We took up the shield of Faith and trust, and the helmet of Salvation, and the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. Jesus used God’s word from the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) to answer the temptations he faced during his time of fasting in the desert. Finally, we learned of the need to pray at all times, and we prayed the Lord’s Prayer, which includes asking for help in times of temptation and for deliverance from evil. We also discovered some modern forms of protection, such as hospital gowns, gloves and masks that protect people in hospitals from germs.

A very big thank you goes to everyone who took part:
A total of 38 children attended this years VBS. They came from Brandon, Erickson, Onanole, Rolling River, Sandy Lake and Winnipeg. We are blessed to have VBS outreach in the wider community!

To all the teachers: Iris Borys taught Preschool and Kindergarten class of 5 children; Sue Riediger had 10 children in her grade 1 & 2 class; Linda Squance had 12 children in her grade 3 & 4 class as well as registration duties; Pastor Jim had 11 children in grade 5 to 7;

To Kayla Fucci who led a lot of fun games for all the classes, both indoors on wet Wednesday and outdoors on Thursday;

To Viola Burkett and Val Wickdahl who put music and songs into our hearts and minds and planned and organized the closing finale.

To Kaye Tiller, Benita Nylen and Anne Paulsen who bravely fed us very well for morning snacks and lunches. Thank you to everyone who contributed pizza bun toppings and/or muffins. They were well received!

To Barb Clarke and Islay Shellborn who helped the children create great crafts as reminders of what kinds of thoughts and actions protect us and keep us standing strong.

To Meigan Oakley, our time-keeper, nurse, organizer, and help-where-needed,
to Gunnar Dinsdale, our greeter and assistant at opening assemblies;
to Arianna McKay, and Dylan and Erica Miko who were a great help in various classes and activities on Thursday;
and to Joan Lee who organized some great table races for the children at noon after lunch.

A very big thank you to all!!

Submitted by Deacon Hilde

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church

A special thank you to Deacon Hilde for organizing this years VBS!

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church

VBS 2017 at Erickson Lutheran Church