Mutual Ministry Committee

As you are aware, the Mutual Ministry Committee is relatively new in our church. The purpose of this communiqué is to introduce ourselves, define briefly what our purpose is and to solicit your ongoing support to help us strengthen our church collectively.

The mandate of your committee is to establish open communication and or to be a listening/sounding board for you. As you can appreciate, appropriate action at the right time may avoid frustration, prevent misunderstanding and promote forward thinking, which will make our ministry, administration and management more satisfying and effective. If you have concerns or comments, please relay by notes or verbally to any one of our members. Committee members are accountable to each for maintaining strict confidentiality.

You may wish to have input from friends or family. An example might relate to "how to attract more younger people to our congregation."

Please feel free to contact any of our members; your constructive comments, both negative and positive are important.

Betty Anne Aitken (Chair)
Benita Nylen (Secretary)
Venton Beatty
Gunnar Dinsdale

Our thanks to Mac Estabrooks for his service to the church over his years on this committee.