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Condition and Guidelines for Use of Church Facilities

  1. Applications
    1. To be completed by the person representing the group /organization
    2. To be approved by one of the following:
      1. by The Church Council (simple majority) for occasional use
      2. by the Pastor/Deacon for occasional use
      3. by the Council Chair for occasional use
      4. by 2/3 majority of the church members at a congregational meeting for regular/ongoing use
    3. To be completed & submitted in sufficient time to allow schedules to be checked (typically greater than 1 month notice).
  2. Pertinent Information
    1. Permission to use the facilities will be granted only when it is agreed that:
      • Organist not supplied, food is charged per plate and arranged through the Erickson Lutheran Women’s Group.
      • It does not interfere with the regular church program.
      • The Building must be vacated no later than 11:00 p.m.
      • All isles and exits will be kept clear.
      • Telephone use will be restricted to local calls only.
      • Any entertainment is of high moral value and has been approved and is in accordence with the church mission and constitution.
      • Confetti, rice, etc. May not be used inside or outside the church.
      • Glue, paint, or any decorations should be used only with specific instructions from the caretaker or his designate.
      • Pews may not be moved.
      • There will be no gambling, smoking, or alcohol on the premises (with the exception of communion wine)
      • Council must give approval for any fundraising activities, and reserves the right to charge additional fees.
    2. Banners, Plants, Gifts and Donations:
      • Must be approved by the Altar Guild in consultation with the Pastor(s) before being placed in the sanctuary.
      • The congregation becomes the sole owner of all such gifts and memorials as complete control over usage.

The user will be responsible for any loss or damage to the building or equipment resulting from use by the user or any other person covered by the application.

A statement by the Pastor, Chair or the Caretaker shall be evidence of such loss or damages, and the user shall pay the amount of such loss or damage on demand.

The user(s) agree that Erickson Lutheran Church shall not be liable for any loss, costs, or damages by user or user’s agent(s).

User violating these regulations may be denied further use of Church facilities.

Additional Information:

To prevent damage to the floors, please do not wear black sole shoes in the kitchen or serve drinks with red or orange colouring.

In the event of a conflict of space usage, members will be given priority.

Please have the contact person or applicant become familiar to additional rules when using the facilities of Erickson Lutheran Church.

Please use only the areas to which you have been assigned. There may be other functions/events going on in other areas of the church.

Please acquaint yourself with the location of all exits and fire extinguishers.

When Leaving the Facility:

  • Has all the debris and packaging been picked up?
  • Have all the toilets been flushed?
  • Have countertops been wiped off?
  • Have areas been left as neat and tidy as you found them?
  • Have all lights been turned off?
  • Have all the doors been locked and double-checked?

Please ensure that everything is left the same way you found the facilities.

If you have any questions regarding this, or must contact us immediately, please call 204-636-2259 or email

Thank you!