Erickson Lutheran Church - Pastor's Farewell

Pastor Jim Vickers

Pastor Jim Vickers

Summer has arrived, the hot times are upon us. We work to do what the season brings: make hay, weed the garden, mow the yeard, pick the produce. For students, it is a time of play, chores, perhaps a summer job. We may take a break and go to the beach or on a hike, or go to visit relatives and friends. Our lives follow similar paterns stretching over years instead of months. We begin as helpless babies, we grow and learn, we mature and become productive, we have children and nurture them, we work to provide for their future and ours, we let the next generation take over, and then hopefully enjoy the fruits of our labours until we die.

This cycle of life that is part of Gods creation is one that reflects the Creator's intentions for us. The cycle of life has given us the gifts of foresight and evaluation. Every genereation is given more insight and more capabilities, but to what end? In Genesis, humans are given the task to rule over the existence. As humans we have a responsibility to care for the creation for our future and for the future of all living things.

We don't seem to be doing as well at this as we might. That too is part of the dynamic of life. We learn as we fail. The beginning of Jesus' message to us is "Repent for the kingdom of God is near to you." When you make mistakes, learn from them so you can change your ways.

Part of the care for creation is the care we have for each other. As we relate to one another, we make mistakes. Knowing what we've done is wrong allows us to learn and reconcile with others. The first step is admitting that we have done something wrong. People avoid this because we have this sense that admitting a mistake means that we are weak and vulnerable, but admitting mistakes is actually the sign of a person who is strong. Jesus calls us to be perfect, or complete, and how can we be whole unless we admit our imperfections so that they may be made perfect by God's forgiveness. By God's grace we have been saved through faith (or trust) in God's forgiveness. This effect is multiplied as we extend our forgiveness to others when they do wrong to us. Let us enjoy the summer and the cycle of life that God has given us, and let us see the handiwork of the Creator everywhere.

As I write this I am conscious that I will no longer be your Pastor after June 30th, 2019. Although we will miss you all, I am happy that both you and us are in Gods hands, who will provide for you and us in the future. Remember to support one another in the proclaiming of the Good News of Jesus, and Gods Holy Spirit be with you all....... Amen